Skill ‘G’ Nigeria Limited Provides Seventy-Three Universities with State-of-the –ArtScience, Engineering and Technology Hands-on Equipment.

Skill ‘G’ Nigeria Limited equips seventy-three Universities in Nigeria with State-of-the–art Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) hands-onequipment.Under the education transformation of President Goodluck Jonathan, the project was awarded to Skill ‘G’ Nigeria Limited by the federal government through the Tertiary Education Training Fund (TETFund) and is meant to complete the 2nd and final phase of the expansion/completion project in special science, engineering and technology (set) initiative. The beneficiaries for this intervention are our public state and federal universities totaling 73.

The project would be executed in two years covering the four components. The components are as follows: 1) Supply and delivery of set laboratory, teaching, learning laboratories/workshops equipment in 73 universities in Nigeria. 2) Training of 292 lecturers/technologist from the benefitting institutions, the rehabilitation of 4number laboratories that will house the new set hands-on training equipment. 3) Provision of 5-year spare parts to support the laboratories for use to support learning and monitor and evaluate the project performance with a view to deepening the research and development capabilities of various institutions.

Skill ‘G’ is to partner with Gregory University, Uturu Resource Centre in the next five months for the capacity building/training of 292 lecturers/ technologists from 73 universities. Presently, two batches of trainees have been trained and certified at the GUU Resource Centre.

The essence of the project is, apart from supply and delivery/laboratory rehabilitation, to develop teachers and lecturers with skills in modern technology for the world of work – who would be able to work across disciplines of new process, mechanical: electrical process, agriculture, communication, robotics, engineering, to identify and use the proper combination of technologies for optimum solutions to today’s increasingly challenging engineering problems. The teaching and learning laboratories / workshops deployed during training as focused areas is also meant to assist the lecturers and technologists to be more effective in the use of new technology equipment and obtain latest effective hands-on learning and teaching of their students upon completion of training.

It would be recalled that President Goodluck Jonathan in line with his transformation agenda considered and approved the completion of this project as part of achieving our (STEM) initiative in Nigeria which was started by former President Olusegun Obasanjo who with UNESCO initiated the very first phase of the project.

Skill ‘G’ in preparation of the project, employed one hundred and fifty (150) Nigerian engineers who were subsequently trained in the use and maintenance of Skill ‘G’ Science, Technical and Vocational Education equipment that will be installed in the benefitting universities across the country. These Nigerian engineers with our four Israeli experts will join the Gregory University, Uturu, professors in their College of Engineering to carry out the training.

In 2003, UNESCO, National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), Federal Ministry of Education (FMoE), National Universities Commission (NUC) and all other stakeholders in line with the reformation programme of Obasanjo adopted the framework for STEM development in Nigeria. The result of that partnership set the foundation for Nigeria to move into the new acceptable technology, learning laboratory/AID workshop to be brought to Nigeria. This led to the first phase which was sponsored by NNPC and PTDF, with 20 universities receiving equipment as pilot.

It is important to note that in the past 16 years, Skill ‘G’ has pioneered the revamping of formal and non-formal education and pushing on technological advancement in SET in Nigerian education system.1


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